A couple of years ago, I started fitness classes at the Bristol boxing gym and have since become quite fascinated by the sport.
I now have a better understanding of boxing and see why writers, film makers and artists are often drawn to make studies on this subject.

With a pro boxing event coming up, it was a great opportunity to spend the evening taking photographs. I was kindly given a press pass by the gym and took to my position ringside.

The next 4 hours was high drama 7 thrilling fights back to back. From the first bell. Head, hands and feet are quickly changing direction.
Switching from my controlled commercial work, this would be a challenge. No flash, fast shutter speeds, and constantly trying to trace the unpredictable action to maintain good focusing with a lens set at wide aperture.

Huge respect to the boxers and their teams whose level of dedication + discipline is inspiring.
I enjoyed the evening and hope to shoot more in the future. Below is a selection of images.