Seasons Greetings 2020

A moonlit woodland walk


All is not a it seems in this winter wonderland and there's something odd about that owl 😉

After I zoomed in and enhanced the image I could see he was neither very old or indeed wise!

Hello Banjo!

It's Banjo, just like Paddy and Raggle he is very greedy so quite happy to jump onto the set for a few treats

I enjoyed messing around in the studio on this xmas image, creating an atmospheric winter scene without retouching, using very basic props plus a sterling effort from Banjo. More behind the scenes below.

Thats just a basic print of Banjo, cut out + blu tacked onto the twig

a modified soft toy owl made to measure

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas after this difficult year and all the best for a happy, healthy and brighter 2021 x

Here is a link to some previous Christmas Dogs

And a video 25 yrs of Christmas dogs

Portrait + Lifestyle selections

City Of Bristol College

City Of Bristol College
City Of Bristol College
Bray Leino

Bray Leino
Nationwide Building Society

Royal Mail

Frontier Medex

Teachers Building Society

Teachers Building Society

Westaways Sausages


Bath Lifestyle

Bermondsey Lifestyle

Bermondsey Lifestyle


I've been sorting out some images of Bristol recently and have collected a few together here.

On a gloomy mid January day, It's made me really appreciate what a wonderful, special city this is and look forward to brighter, warmer days ahead to enjoy soaking up the Brizzle vibe!

Thanks to Village Design who often send me to shoot lifestyle and scenic stuff in Bristol and beyond.

Seasons Greetings 2019

Snow, fog and poor light, just some of the challenges creating this image.
The final shot, all done in camera with no retouching.

I had some fun messing about in the studio to create this imagined winter landscape.
As you can see below, a very lo -fi selections of props and materials, kitchen foil, dead plants, lumps of tarmac and flour. Amazing what you can do when added together with a bit of moody lighting and fog!

Photo shoots in Pakistan, Nigeria and Kenya

This year, I was offered an amazing opportunity to travel to Pakistan, Nigeria and Kenya. 

I was delighted to be asked by Kieran Battles from Spooner Fitzgerald to take the photos for his client Reall 'investors and innovators in affordable housing'

Along with director Andy from Olas Roe + cameraman Eric Huyton, we set off to Lahore + Faisalabad followed shortly to Abuja + Nairobi.

My brief was largely informed by the filming script, 'A home for human potential' Documenting the issues of homelessness, poor living conditions and the steps towards solutions. 

We had such a warm welcome from everyone we met, below is just a small selection of photos from the 3 trips.

On top of Kenyatta Conference centre Nairobi
school kids Kenya

Kieran, Eric, Andy + locals, Mathare District Nairobi

Faisalabad Pakistan

From Reall website:

"In the time it takes you to read this one sentence 13 people will be added to the worlds urban population.
In every minute that follows 155 children, women and men will follow in their footsteps
Little if any shelter awaits them. They are not alone"

Mathare slum Nairobi
Mathare slum Nairobi
Mathare slum Nairobi

Mathare slum Nairobi
A city within a city, Mathare slum Nairobi


The new housing estates we visited were a complete contrast to slum areas above.
The houses are modest with gardens, allotment areas plus communal space for sports, play and picnics etc.
Most have come from crowded cramped conditions so really appreciate the benefits of a safe, peaceful and healthy environment to raise their families.


Street dancers practicing Abuja


School children Faisalabad

On site water treatment plant Faisalabad
Resident Naomi Luka in her allotment
Residence Abuja +Faisalabad sites

Children at Faisalabad site

Below is a selection of random observations from the trips


Labels Nigeria

Sign in a school Kenya

Construction workers Lahore

Site workers Faisalabad

Motorcycles Pakistan

Colourful trucks Pakistan

Abuja + Lahore