Auschwitz Foundation

I worked with So Design to produce a series of images for the Auschwitz Foundation. A very memorable trip with the winter landscape adding to the moving atmosphere.

The shots formed part of a successful international fundraising campaign, for the preservation of Auschwitz as a historical site of remembrance. The work was also selected for AOP and D@AD awards.


Do dogs dream and if so what about ? A discussion we were having in the garden recently while watching our dog sunbathing.
My son Callum and I came up with an idea.Would she do same in the studio under artificial light and could we build a dreamscape around her ?
Well, we tried an 800W lamp and she laid down just the same !
For the scenes, we looked at references from Gullivers Travels,Sci Fi + Ray Harryhausen film etc.
So using simple props,we lit and prepared the set then took her for a long walk. In a quiet studio, she naturally went to the heat of the lamp and fell fast asleep.
We had to work quickly as all these are done in one shot, using Photoshop just to tidy up and for colour treatment.