Royal Mail photo library

We had an intense work schedule throughout Spring 2014 to create over 250 images for Royal Mail photo library.

I was commissioned by agency Home and worked closely with them from the start.
An epic task of planning and production for their team, as the detail in each image needed to be carefully considered in advance.

Long hours, midnight motorway service stops, the location van became our 2nd home!
Thanks to the dedicated team from Home + Royal Mail, Good spaces locations, Jaine Bevan stylist, Ian Usher retouching, Claudia + Victoria hair / make up, Callum, Fergus + Charlie assistants, Mustard models and everyone else involved.

Here is a small selection:

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  1. Wonderful photographs!! Being a Port Macquarie Photographer I really admire your work. Thanks for sharing such great photos here. Well, I am also going to visit a hill station. I am so excited to capture photos over there!